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This book contains the poem, "Quartering" by Seema Reza. It is a collaboration between the poet, Kevin Basl (editor) Nathan Lewis (papermaker), Laura Rowley (designer, printer), and Eli Wright (illustrator). 


From Seema Reza:

Some time ago–maybe a year, maybe two? I had a conversation with some of my Combat Paper brothers (well, the kids call them their combat paper uncles, so it follows…) that led to me writing the poem “Quartering.” Which was informed by them, of course, and by all the rooms I’m in, and by imagining what is really required of all the caregivers I love. It’s a thought experiment: if we tore down the barracks at military hospitals and offered incentives for Americans in the surrounding neighborhoods to quarter injured service members, what would the honest instructions be? How would that change the public’s relationship with war, with foreign policy? How would it affect the baffling popular fascination with the Kardashians?

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