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Illuminated Press is interested in amplifying unheard voices through publishing. Writers of any age and experience whose work explores sociopolitical, economic, and/or environmental topics are encouraged to submit. Genres of Poetry, Short Story, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Text-Image, and more are accepted. 

Please follow these submission guidelines:

     -Email a document (Word, Google Doc, or PDF) of the manuscript to
     -Include the title, author, and email to contact as a cover page or header. 

     -Include a short author bio.

Please keep in mind that we receive a high volume of submissions and have limited staff and time when waiting for a response. Thank you very much for your interest.

Zine Call for Submissions

Gig Life is a zine that explores the complexities of the Gig Economy. The first issue of the zine gave a timeline of events to show how work has been made temporary and part-time with little or no security or benefits.


For subsequent issues, Illuminated Press is  accepting submissionns of text and/or image that addresses “Gig Life” through any lens: personal, historical, research-based, and more. The goal of creating and disseminating these zines is to connect with others in the gig economy and help bring understanding to an economic system that is both exploitative and liberating.


The first issue of the zine called Endon Metra Osis described general information about the female reproductive disease, Endometriosis, along with a personal narrative. 

For subsequent issues, Illuminated Press is  accepting submissionns of text and/or image that addresses Endometriosis through any lens: personal, systemic, biological, cultural, or historical. The goal of creating and distributing these zines is to create solidarity with others who have been affected by this disease.


Submission Guidelines for both zines:

Text-based work: Please email files as a PDF, Word, or Google Docs. Maximum length: 10 pages (please send an inquiry for longer pieces)


Images: Please email files as JPG, PNG, or PDF. Maximum 5 images.

Compensation: Contributors will receive 3 copies of the zine.

Please email to submit or send questions.


Self Publishing Assistance

While Illuminated Press has a limit on the number of books we can produce, we are able to work with writers and artists to produce their own books. Our services include typesetting and page layouts, preparation for printing, hand-binding, and letterpress printed covers.  To learn more, please email

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