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Hand Papermaking

Our books feature handmade papers for elements such as covers and endsheets. These papers are made in the traditional method of cutting cotton rag or other natural fiber into small pieces, beating it in a Hollander Beater, and pulling sheets with a mould and deckle. 

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing a type of relief printing in which text and images are inked and pressed onto paper. We hand-set metal type for some projects and design and order photopolymer (plastic) printing plates for other projects. The printing presses in our studio include a Vandercook SP 20 and a Chandler & Price 10"x15".

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Hand Bookbinding

From trimming signatures to sewing textblocks to constructing hardcover cases, our books are made entirely by hand. We believe the book structure can contribute to a reader's experience of the content. The size, shape, texture, and binding style are all carefully considered in the design process, with many "mock ups" before the final book is produced.

Where we make books

Production takes place at a shared book arts studio in Trumansburg, NY, a risograph studio called the Ithaca Print Commons, and other creative spaces depending on equipment needs.

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