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Gig Life

Gig Life

Gig Life is a serial zine which investigates the Gig Economy: the shift to hiring of temporary workers, often part-time and lacking the benefits of a traditional salaried job.


How did the Gig Economy start and how does it affect workers? This zine series aims to answer these questions and others. We start here, in this first issue, with a timeline history of Gig Work, to visualize the events leading us to our present state.


This book is 2.75 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall and hand-bound in the accordion structure to create a timeline. Featuring Works Cited and a call for submissions on the back side.


Gotta Gig Story to share? We're collecting stories, essays, poems, photography, art and more for future issues of Gig Life. Please email files to 

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