Do you have books that are in need of repair?

We offer a variety of services to help make your books usable and more stable.

Here are examples of repairs and starting prices for small books*:

Re-sewing: When the signatures (folded pages) of a book have damage to the sewing. $50.
Re-backing: When the adhesive along the spine has worn away. We Re-glue and adhere layers of strong Japanese paper to the spine. $50.   
Recovering: When the cover of a book has been damaged or is missing. We have a variety of cloth and paper to choose from. $75
Page Repair: When pages of the book are torn or have fallen apart, we use small pieces of Japanese paper to adhere them back together. $50
Paperback Repair: When the adhesive of a paperback book has worn away and pages are falling apart, we apply new adhesive to the spine. $50  
Custom Boxmaking: Unfortunately some books are too delicate to repair. In this case, we can create a custom handmade box to hold the book together.
Spine Replacement: When just the spine of a hardcover book is damaged, we replace the spine and cover it with new cloth. $50.


*Prices include consultation, time, and materials.


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