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It's OK to Be Sad by Maliha Ali

It's OK to Be Sad by Maliha Ali

This illustrated poem is a reminder that feeling sad is not a crisis. In fact, it’s a universal experience that’s part of being alive, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.


In a world of quick fixes and easy answers, this book is an invitation to just be and, when possible, to wallow luxuriously. The drawings complementing the lines of poetry catalog the little joys and heartbreaks of living with sadness, showing the silliness that is still available to us when we are feeling down.


Sometimes, the best thing to do for someone who’s feeling this way is to be present with them⁠—to accompany them— while the sadness takes its course. That’s what this book hopes to do for readers of all ages.


Maliha Ali is an illustrator from Karachi, Pakistan. Her drawings and projects are inspired by the silliness of everyday life and ordinary things. She studied at Bennington College.


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Dimensions: 9" x 6"

20 pages

Printed in a combination of letterpress and digital printing

Hand-bound in the Drum Leaf book structure

Edition of 200


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